Filter Foundry at LACMA

Feeling a little artsy tonight?  Head to the LACMA for the 2012 Muse ArtWalk.  Presented by social platform and artistic powerhouse, Filter Foundry this launch party has everyone buzzing.  FF will be hosting and toasting a night of live art, digital design exhibitions and pop up galleries throughout the museum. 

Please note that you must RSVP to this event!

Once you’ve had your artistic fix…head to Palihouse for the official after party.  And who said Wednesdays weren’t fun…?

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Feeling Crafty?!

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A Forest Full of Clothes…

In the mood to get your shop on?!  We’ve got just the ticket for all you fashionistas out there.  Head to Space 15 Twenty this evening for some booze and shoes.  Not to worry shoppers – there’s LOTS more to see than shoes…they just didn’t rhyme…

Sponsored by this is a fantastic opportunity to partake in Field Study.  Regarded as a modern twist on REI (think Forrest Ranger with an edge) Field Study invites patrons to come experience the “urban outdoors” culture through retail, art, field trips and workshops.  Creating a natural space of its own, Space 15 Twenty wants their patrons to submerge themselves into the ultimate shopping experience.

Spend the evening perusing the racks of brands like Woolrich Woolen Mills, Engineered Garments and FWK.  While talking shop, you will also receive a musical snack from Net of Jewels as well as the Landmark Hang Trio.  Partake in this new wave ecosystem and quickly learn how well outdoor shopping and live music really go together.

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F*CK Cancer

Such vulgar words represent what everyone really wants to say to this disease.

After the loss of their wife/mother, the Greenbaum family decided to spearhead their own foundation to raise awareness.  Like several other organizations the Greenbaums decided to throw events and invite the public to join together in raising the finger to such an ugly disease.  Using their late wife/mother as inspiration to found this organization they decided to use her courageous words against the battle she faced (read more about her story here). 

Tonight, head to the Avalon Hollywood and gather with fellow strangers to take a stand and raise money for various cancer foundations.  The entry fee is merely $30 at the door for a T-Shirt.  Choose from eight different colors, representing the different forms of cancer that you choose to support.  Their first event ever held in California, tonight marks a collaborative effort to stand up to this battle that has affected the life of millions.

The purpose of this event is not only to raise awareness (and some dolla dolla bills yall) but to have a good time while doing so.  One exciting item to take note of is that Mark Foster (brainchild of Foster the People) will be the headline DJ.  This event is the more the merrier so please spread the word.  It’s time to kick cancer in the ass.

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Westside is the Bestside

Alright West Coasters, it’s time to pack away the winter wardrobe and put on those flippy flops.  Tomorrow marks the second annual Spring Fling in Venice.  Always one to draw a crowd, the Venice boardwalk will play host to yet another colorful event filled with activities for everyone. 

Kicking off at 11AM and lasting through the sunset, you are encouraged to come and go as you please.  Located at Windward Plaza Park this Fling offers dancing, live music, and an art show lining the street.  Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to let your freak flag fly.  Head to the boardwalk tomorrow and partake in what is guaranteed to be a fun day.  And if you’re really lucky you might even get the chance to meet the famous TreeMan.

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Just a STANDARD Tuesday…

Already over your Manic Monday?  We are too….

Good thing there are some fun events on the horizon.  Tomorrow we suggest that you take your pick of Standard Hotels because there are two fêtes to add to the agenda – one located at the West Hollywood location and one at the downtown hub.

Toasting to Photography Month (yes…April is the month for snapping) the Standard opens its doors to anyone wandering off the Sunset Strip for Proje’kt LA.  The final chapter of a three part installation this project, titled “New Research” adds a little spice to your everyday photography exhibit.  Artists such as Amy Lombard, Andy J. Scott and Daniel Everett are just a few of the artists that will be providing their patrons with some visual stimulation.  Curated by Stephanie Gonot, a series of photographs will be projected on the Pool Deck of the hotel (doors open at 7PM).

If photography ain’t your bag baby, not to worry as there is another Standard pool for the taking.  Continuing on the party train of Coachella, the downtown hotel invites you to the ultimate dance party as musical duo, Poolside makes their LA debut.  Helmed as kings of the “Daytime Disco” the pair is guaranteed to make a splash (pun intended) with their rooftop jam session.  Accompanied by DJs Mario Cotto, Goddollars, and Wade Crescent the party kicks off at 8PM.  Ladies and gents, time to put your party shoes and suits on…

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Pubcrawls at Paramount…Pour Vous?!

Keeping in the spirit of Easter, it’s time to do a little bunny hop around town.  This weekend LA is hosting some very special events that will provide endless amounts of fun.

Hosting and toasting its 4th annual year, the LA Beer Festival kicks off at noon this Saturday.  Located on the historical Paramount Studios lot, this fest is guaranteed to be a good time.  With a surplus variety of beers on tap, venture from station to station enjoying the domestic and international hops they have to offer. There will also be food trucks scattered around the lot so no one will go underserved.  Another exciting item on the menu…live music.  Jam around as you partake in all of the ales and eats imaginable.  The first session is 12-3PM and the second session is 5-8PM.

There is no doubt that this festival will leave you with some pep in your step and ready to move on to your evening adventures.

In lieu of the holiday weekend it might be a fun idea to put your fancy pants and party shoes on and make your way down the street for the grand opening of Pour Vous.  From the masterminds behind Harvard & Stone and La Descarga powerhouse duo Mark and Jonnie Houston once again open their doors to another sensuous stomp.  Boasting a 1900’s Parisian theme this watering hole and eatery will offer up champagne cocktails, cognac and cheese boards.  Perfecting the art of effortlessly chic, there is no doubt that the new brainchild of the Houston brothers will possess the ultimate amount of je ne sais quoi

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Beers & Basketball – LA Brewing Company –

With March Madness in full swing and the Final Four coming up this weekend, it’s important to choose your watch party location wisely.  Good thing LA happens to be an endless source for party hubs…case in point – The LA Brewing Company.

Perched in the heart of downtown this alehouse recently opened its doors on St. Paddy’s Day and has already made an indelible impact on the scene.  A watering hole and restaurant, this place means business.  With over 100 beers on tap the options are endless!  Enjoy a Chimay White, Boddingtons or Magic Hat while you wash back something delicious from the menu…can you say Braised Bourbon BBQ Pulled Pork?!  Whatever you choose trust me… it will not be the wrong decision.  Another amazing item on the LABC’s rap sheet is the countless amount TVs.  With a slew of HD projectors lining the walls no sporting event will go unnoticed.

Head down to the LA Brewing Company this weekend where you can belly up to the bar and cheer on your favorite team

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That’s Not My Name

Some of you may not be able to list off the full playlist of a Ting Tings CD; however I can guarantee that all of you know at least a dozen songs.  And for the ones that you do know – about 99% of them provoke a dance party.  With hits like Shut up and Let Me Go and That’s Not My Name, the band adds a new spark to the Dance Punk fire.

Tomorrow night, put your party shoes on and head to the El Rey.  Located in the Miracle Mile area on Wilshire sits this watering hole of a venue.  Boasting live performances almost every night of the week, this place makes for the perfect musical hub and what better way to get your groove on than to go see the Ting Tings.  Not only does this Electro-Pop band provide their audience with the ultimate dance party, they will also be debuting some of their latest hits from the newly released album, Hang It Up.

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Walk it out…

Now that spring has finally arrived at our doorstep, it is time to get out there and celebrate.  Having its second night of the series, the Downtown LA Art Walk has already kicked off the season with a bang.  A monthly open house of the best galleries, restaurants, bars and shops this event is a true celebration of art, photography and all things creative!

The party bell rings at 7PM and there will be live music, freestyle performances and all sorts of artistic displays until 12:30AM.  Tonight in particular we will celebrate the Street Kings as well as artist Robert Vargas who will be toasting his second year anniversary with the debut of Red Zebra which is an homage to the fabulous downtown LA herself (why we live and love here).

There’s nothing better than enjoying the city and all it has to offer…and for free nonetheless!  The Downtown LA Art Walk tackles the city on a multilevel platform for art lovers and tastemakers alike so be sure not to miss out!

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